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EMDR Therapy in San Antonio for Anxiety, Panic & Trauma

To best understand EMDR therapy it’s important to first know that sleep is a natural coping mechanism our brains use daily to heal. In fact research suggests that our brains are more active during the fourth stage of the sleep cycle, REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep) than when we are awake. The REM sleep stage is foremost noted for how our eyes, though closed, rapidly move side to side helping the brain in processing memories, unconsciously, by tracking each of the brain’s mental images. The REM sleep stage is when you’re dreaming and your brain is working through experiences and making connections.


Anxiety Counseling in San Antonio

Anxiety affects many of us in greater San Antonio and the best way to learn coping skills to manage anxiety is through individual counseling. Anxiety has recently surged, and research has indicated this is due to fears of being involved or connected to an act of violence. (Pew Research Center). For many of us the continuous events of violence we learn of are steadily eroding our sense of safety and well-being – known to be critical for emotional and mental wellness. Further, research has determined many of us are dramatically changed in an unhealthy direction by traumatic events. In these difficult times know we’re here to help everyone pivot their personal wellness in a positive and healthy direction. We have two locations here in San Antonio and can also serve you remotely online from wherever you are. There are no cultural or language barriers at Rhapsody Counseling and our therapists can provide you with coping strategies effective in managing through anxiety in all areas of your life. Below is comprehensive information about anxiety and the next steps we offer to bring change and improve lives.


Racial Trauma Counseling in San Antonio, Texas

Racial trauma refers to the emotional and stressful impact of racism and racial discrimination, such as hurtful comments, being affected by stereotypes, barriers to advancement and more. Racial trauma leads to a heighted stressed, and subsequently less mentally fit life. Stress is the body’s natural cognitive and physiological response to perceived challenges and threats. While most day-to-day stress we all encounter is manageable with coping skills and supportive relationships we developed over time, continuous exposure to racism without positive mitigating factors (self-applied or with a therapist) can become toxic and cause people to live in a constant state of high alert.


Counseling Therapy for Depression in San Antonio

The impact of the pandemic on our mental wellness has been far reaching with a recent study from the COVID States Project determining almost half (49%) of the respondents of the study reporting one or more symptoms of depression. Even those of us who have not experienced a severe loss of someone we know, we have endured months of changes in our jobs and work, canceled family celebrations, isolation and daily logistical challenges. It should not be surprising that so many of us are feeling lonely, vulnerable, frustrated and depleted financially, physically, and emotionally.


Stress Management Counseling in San Antonio

Stress is our body’s natural defense against threat and danger, causing the body to flood with hormones preparing it to escape or confront the threat or danger. Some commonly refer to stress as the fight-or-flight mechanism of the body. Stress is so pervasive in our everyday lives it would be the rare exception to find a person who could not relate to feeling overwhelmed at some point. Though all of us experience stress, we’re affected by stress in different ways. One of the major concerns when it comes to stress is how it limits your ability to do the things you love, be a productive member of society, or simply get out of bed in the morning.


Anger Management Counseling in San Antonio

At the 2022 Oscar Awards we saw actor Will Smith allow his anger to take over and he delivered a slap seen around the world, live on TV. The reality is all of us are susceptible to allowing our anger to get too hot to handle and the outcome of outburst of anger is never helpful to us. A 2021 American Psychological Association Study determined 84% of us are experiencing prolonged stress, with nearly 40% feeling anger at some level, at some point. This prolonged pandemic has brought with it a broad range of difficult emotions, including worry, despair, anxiety, sadness, guilt, but the far and away leading emotion that has commonly surfaced above the rest is anger.


Grief Counseling in San Antonio

Grief isn’t just an experience of feelings but it’s also a process or journey we go through to fully heal. Grief counseling offers guidance and provides helpful tools to process painful experiences in a healthy way. Feeling grief can come from the loss of anything that is near and dear or important to us. In this context grief is very personal, however know that it is also commonly shared among all people, and this is not a journey you or anyone needs to go through alone. A grief counselor assists you during your journey right beside you. You can grieve in your own ways, freely and receive advice from a counselor on how to better work through obstacles and issues as they arise, one by one.


Family Therapy Counseling in San Antonio

Family therapy counseling is founded on the idea that a family is a system composed of different yet connected parts. A change in any one part of the system can trigger and produce changes in all the other connected parts. This means that when one family member is affected by a health disorder such as an addiction or mental illness, all of the family is affected. This commonly translates to unhealthy changes in the family dynamics in the form of lies and secrets building up within the family. Some members of the family might assume too much responsibility, others act out, and some members of the family simply shut down. Soon it’s not unusual to have a family remain stuck, exhibiting unhealthy patterns, even after the family member with the original problem moves into recovery.


Trauma Therapy in San Antonio

Over the last 2 years the COVID pandemic magnified whatever stressors we each previously had – be they symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, or depression, difficulty managing alcohol, anger, eating disorders, etc, it goes on and on. When we’re chronically under stress we are vulnerable to developing “trauma responses” such as inability to relax, sleep, feeling tense, being more prone to illnesses due to our immune system being fatigued and worn down, being less confident about the future, having a short fuse and less ability to handle stressors that were previously under control, and more.


Midlife Crisis Counseling in San Antonio

Midlife covers the central years of a person’s life, extending generally from the ages of 40 – 65. These can be stressful years, as many people begin to feel frustrated and discontented as they struggle with aging and holding onto a sense of purpose. The term ‘midlife crisis’ refers to a stage of transition for people in or approaching middle age and transitional periods of time always require some emotional adjustment. A combination of realizing that they’re at their half-way point in life coupled with ‘substantial life change’ such as a marriage ending, a child leaving home, or a parent dying – is commonly what triggers a ‘midlife crisis”. This can be compounded by a sense of missed opportunities, unrealized ambitions, and no longer attainable dreams – leaving many feeling regret and despair.


Marriage Counseling in San Antonio

The research and data reflect themes centered on communication, togetherness, space, shared responsibilities, support networks, and quality time. In sum, the pandemic largely magnified marriage problems that were pre-existing in a couple’s relationship. Having said this, people also took proactive steps to save their marriage which included honest communication, rediscovering individual interests, not starting conversations with blame, validating your partner, and seeing a marriage counselor – so if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. The prospect of Marriage Counseling can be an anxiety provoking experience however knowing what to expect and understanding how it works may remove some of the mystery and help you to make the decision on if marriage counseling is for you.


Couples Therapy in San Antonio

The pandemic was stressful on us both individually and as couples as cracks in relationships could no longer be avoided or ignored. For many couples the situation magnified communication difficulties and led to heated arguments. The pandemic seems to have pushed all sensitivities and annoyances in a relationship to the surface, leaving no way to not deal with issues now exposed and clear to see. Prior to the pandemic a lot of couples had to schedule time together but once everything changed the couples who survived typically found new ways to connect, including having real conversations for the first time.


Immigration Psychological Evaluations in San Antonio, Texas

While the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows for asylum (individuals permitted to enter and live in the U.S.), they usually require a immigration psychological evaluation to be presented to the immigration court and part of your case. The process of immigrating to the United States is lengthy, but it can be made easier with an immigration psychological evaluation. The team at Rhapsody Counseling is dedicated to helping individuals and families in the San Antonio, Texas region navigate the immigration process and get the help they need.


Support Group Therapy in San Antonio

Group therapy is a form of counseling where a group of people gather regularly to talk, interact, and share problems with each other and the group leader (one or more Rhapsody therapist). A healthy part of experiencing group therapy is recognizing that others are facing very similar struggles with equally similar emotions. It’s helpful to have group support, see you are not alone, and many participants come to realize group therapy as a place where they finally feel understood. Group therapy allows people to benefit from the wisdom of others who have had similar struggles but found a way to overcome those problems to reach their goals. By seeing how others overcame problems and made positive change for themselves, you can discover a range of strategies for overcoming your own struggles.


Crisis Intervention

If you or someone you know is considering suicide or showing warning signs of considering suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or Bexar County 24 Hour Crisis and Substance Use Helpline 1-210-223-7233 (SAFE).